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Vertical Video and Images are Taking Businesses Vertical

Looks Like Grandma Was Right ... when it came to vertical pictures and videos. Perhaps it was the exodus from the box format of viewing video to the wide screens on TVs and computer/laptop screens that fueled it, or decades of default photography in landscape mode. [...]

2020 Marketing | (10) Decem Digital Do’s Entering the New Decade

2020 Marketing (10) Decem Digital Do's Entering the New Decade If you feel the last ten years went by fast and that technology has changed the way businesses promote their business more than any other time, just wait unto the next decade! With the winding down [...]

Hearsay – Why Reputation Management is Critical for Businesses

"Hearsay can be much better evidence than direct evidence."​ - Rep. Mike Quigley (D-IL) ... Is this true for businesses? That's the quote flying around on the internet right now that most of us likely are arguing with ourselves about as to the extent in which we allow it to be true. Yet, [...]

Mobilegeddon Is Good For Business

Many business owners and managers might be familiar with the term Mobilegeddon. For some this is interpreted as being the potential end for their small and medium businesses. Others might have pictured swarms of Millenials, smartphones in hand, trampling down their businesses as they stampede to what they can find (and only what they can [...]

Four Important “S” Words in 2017

2017 is not just any other year for your business. With dramatic shifts in consumer behavior, this is the year companies need to either finally get their business online or greatly improve their online presence. Phone books are being left on the curb (until trash day) at more and more homes as search increases via [...]

Rules of Attraction

Rules of Attraction Nothing's worse than saying all the right things to get someone's attention, only to have them finally meet you and be grossly disappointed by your appearance or turned away when they can't understand you. With marketing, attracting consumers or clients online won't serve your business any good if you aren't able to [...]

Content Still Reigns

Content Still Reigns Brief Content History Among all the strategies in attracting visitors to a website, content - rather, good quality and relevant content - has stood the test of time and survived myriad algorithm changes by Google and other search engines. Predicted as being one of the most important products the [...]

More than Just a Website

More than Just a Website While there are myriad options available for a business owner to turn to in getting a website developed, there are several aspects of an effective website most options - especially the Do-It-Yourself options - fall short in delivering. Because of this, said business owners might find themselves frustrated that their [...]

7 Tips for Hiring a Website Developer

7 Tips for Hiring a Website Developer With the growing importance of having a solid presence online, selecting a website developer may be one of the more important hires you make. The company or individual you choose with greatly impact how your company is viewed online, as well as, influence your company's ability to succeed [...]