Business Planning

Mobilegeddon Is Good For Business

Many business owners and managers might be familiar with the term Mobilegeddon. For some this is interpreted as being the potential end for their small and medium businesses. Others might have pictured swarms of Millenials, smartphones in hand, trampling down their businesses as they stampede to what they can find (and only what they can [...]

Four Important “S” Words in 2017

2017 is not just any other year for your business. With dramatic shifts in consumer behavior, this is the year companies need to either finally get their business online or greatly improve their online presence. Phone books are being left on the curb (until trash day) at more and more homes as search increases via [...]

Content Still Reigns

Content Still Reigns Brief Content History Among all the strategies in attracting visitors to a website, content - rather, good quality and relevant content - has stood the test of time and survived myriad algorithm changes by Google and other search engines. Predicted as being one of the most important products the [...]

7 Tips for Hiring a Website Developer

7 Tips for Hiring a Website Developer With the growing importance of having a solid presence online, selecting a website developer may be one of the more important hires you make. The company or individual you choose with greatly impact how your company is viewed online, as well as, influence your company's ability to succeed [...]

Website Design and Internet Marketing Newsletter

Website Design and Internet Marketing Newsletter Revivify Marketing is gearing up with the launch of its Marketing Geek Newsletter. In the newsletter, which will be sent out weekly, we hope to be able to help answer questions, such as: What changes in technology should I be aware of? How important is social media? [...]

Marketing: On Your Mark, Get Set… Procrastinate

It's already almost a full month into the new year. Is your company off to a good start? Have you decided what things from 2014 held you back or were obstacles and created solutions for them? Just the other day, I was at lunch with some business owners. One of them mentioned his [...]

Peacock You Business

While some might be discouraged by the current recession, those businesses looking to increase their market share couldn’t ask for a better opportunity. Studies have shown that businesses who market their business more during slower economic times will benefit from gaining a larger share of the market. This can lead to steadier business during the [...]