Monthly Archives: August 2014

Videos That Get Attention

With all the videos that get hundreds, thousands and even millions of views online, many businesses work on feeble attempts to get one out there that will have the ability to go viral. Unfortunately, even the best planned out videos might lack the ability to draw a high volume of views. In those that have [...]

Peacock You Business

While some might be discouraged by the current recession, those businesses looking to increase their market share couldn’t ask for a better opportunity. Studies have shown that businesses who market their business more during slower economic times will benefit from gaining a larger share of the market. This can lead to steadier business during the [...]

Social Media: Modern Word of Mouth

Four years ago, I was impressed by this video I came across regarding the evolution of social media. Even more impressive is how much more these devices and social mediums are impacting business as they provide incredible amounts of influence on businesses. Even beyond business, more and more of our information posting and gathering occurs [...]